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November 27

Mom’s Peppery Stew

Yes, another one of Mom’s! I can’t help it, they’re good and worth sharing! This simple, aromatic, warming, creamy stew is quick, nutritious, and filling. It’s great with brown rice, but can also be had with some wholegrain bread, dosas or appam, or even on it’s own when you’re feeling like having a light meal. Combine […]

November 25

Mom’s Bisi Bele Bhath

Bisi Bele Bhath, which is literally Hot Dal Rice in Kannada, is a complete meal with dal (protein), rice (carbs), vegetables (nutrients), and a fragrant, layered, spice mix that brings it all together for a tasty, filling, nutritious meal. I have to admit, till very recently I used the store-bought spice mix for this dish […]

November 22

Cooking for Diabetic Guests

OK, you know the theory behind the diabetic diet and eating healthy. So, what do you do when you have a diabetic guest coming over? Here are some quick and easy tips for Cooking for Diabetic Guests! . What to Cook? Make at least one dish with vegetables. It could be the main dish, a […]

November 20

Diabetic Diet – Demystified

We’re going to demystify the diabetic diet. So, we’ll be looking at eating healthy in general because, guess what, the diabetic diet is suitable for everyone in the family (unless you have other health or dietary problems). Let’s start with a really stupid question, why do we eat? We eat for nourishment and energy. Sometimes […]

November 14

World Diabetes Day Challenge!

. It’s World Diabetes Day! And here’s a challenge for you today! The Challenge Survive 24 hours without eating anything sweet!  For one day, avoid the following sweet things! Sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, rice syrup, coconut palm sugar etc Dried fruits (dates, figs, raisins, apricots etc) High sugar fruits (banana, mango, grapes etc) Fruit juice, […]

November 05

Diabetes: Busting the Myths

. It’s time to look at some of the common misconceptions that people have about diabetes. And then, bust those myths! ____________________________________________________________ Diabetics do not suffer any serious consequences of having high blood sugar levels. . Reality: High blood sugar levels could lead to serious health problems affecting the heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and feet. […]

November 01

Diabetes: What is it?

To understand what diabetes is, let us take a quick detour… How do the cells in our body get energy? Our body breaks down the carbohydrate component in our food into glucose. This glucose is sent through the blood stream to the various cells in the body to be burned for use as energy. It’s […]

October 31

Diabetes Awareness Month

Dear readers, This November, Sugarfree Sweetheart will be joining in the worldwide efforts to raise awareness about Diabetes. I urge everyone to participate with your questions, comments, shares, and of course, your contributions for Diabetic-Friendly Food Week, scheduled for the fourth week of November! Hey, did you know? The 14th of November is celebrated as […]

October 28

Dessert Entry Permits !

Whether you are a diabetic, or watching your weight, or just concerned about the quantities of sugar or processed flour you consume, you can use the Dessert Entry Permit concept to help you decide when to indulge. Desserts: All of them clamour to be let in. All of them will parade past you at different points […]

October 24

Mom’s Okra Palya

This Okra Palya is so easy, quick, and tasty, that you’ll want to buy okra every time you see it to whip up this dish! If you like roasted okra you’ll love this dish. But, even if you haven’t developed a taste for okra so far, this recipe may just change your mind! So, give […]

October 07

Veggie Burger Formula !

When you just must have that burger, make a high-protein, vegetarian, burger patty and enjoy it sandwiched in a wholegrain bun! Usually, vegetarian burgers (at least in India) are a diabetic’s nightmare. They tend to be potato based patties served in refined flour buns. Too much simple carbs! So what’s the healthier, tastier alternative? Veggie […]

October 02

Pumpkin Wholewheat Muffins

Pumpkin again! These pumpkin wholewheat muffins are great for making in advance because unlike the Pumpkin Pie in the previous post, these muffins taste pretty great straight out of the refrigerator, even the next day! Pumpkin puree is a great addition to wholewheat muffins, making them lighter, tastier, and more nutritious (Vitamins A and C). And […]

October 01

Pumpkin Pie

When the organic vegetable store we shop at began stocking butternut squash (a.k.a butternut pumpkins), I was drawn to its unusual shape and the possibilities of pumpkin desserts. At home, I was thrilled to find mildly orange inside! After a lot of pie recipe browsing, I decided to make this as-healthy-as-possible pumpkin pie. This pie […]

September 27

Dalia Upma

Quick and easy to make, filling and nutritious to eat, it’s…. Dalia Upma!  “Dalia” refers to broken or cracked grain, and wheat dalia is the most readily available type. “Upma” is a south Indian staple breakfast dish that is often made with semolina (finely ground grain, again usually wheat). Wheat dalia is easy to cook […]

September 18

Brown Rice and Pearl Millet (Bajra) Dippers

Looking for something crunchy, substantial, and better than breadsticks to dip into your hummus, guacamole, or tzatziki? Here’s the answer. Well, one of the answers! Whole grain dippers! Somehow carrots and cucumbers never satisfy me when I’m peckish and looking for things to dip into other things. So I set about making some dippers. The […]

September 05

Mom’s Tofu Paalak

When tofu came along with it’s low-fat, high-protein goodness, Mom replaced the Paneer in her Paalak Paneer recipe with extra firm tofu and the revamped dish continued as a family favourite. The way Mom patiently and uniformly browns the tofu makes her dish to die for! It’s time to share with you Mom’s Tofu Paalak […]

August 30

Chocolate Mini Muffins

Here’s a little treat for those afternoon snack attacks! These mini muffins taste of chocolate but also have a lot of hidden goodness in the form of ragi flour (finger millet flour), whole wheat flour, ground almonds, and ground flax seeds! This recipe is suitable for diabetics, weight watchers, and mini muffin maniacs! As always, […]

August 23

Comfort Food: Pongal

No vegetables in your fridge? Not much time on your hands? No sunshine outside? Just plain ol’ hungry? Make this easy, satisfying, healthy Pongal. Thank you Poppy, over at Poppy’s Patisserie, for your Creamy Potato Alfredo Pasta recipe which made me think of healthy, tasty, comfort food ideas. South Indians and rice are often inseparable, as are south Indians […]

August 23

Try it ! Sonal’s Lentil Pops or Adai Wadas

The first time I tried Sonal’s lentil pops they came out so well that I made them again when we had guests over! This recipe does take a bit of forethought (even more than my Sprouted Moong Pancakes) but it doesn’t take much work at all. These lentil pops are super healthy, tasty, and filling! […]

August 15

Horse gram Salad

What do you need to make a salad that’s filling, tasty, healthy, and non-boring? Here’s what I came up with: Something Protein (grams, beans, tofu, quinoa, sprouts) Something Crunchy (cucumbers, bell peppers, raddish, onions) Something Sweet (cherry tomatoes, carrots, peas, corn) Something “Dress”y (vinaigrette, lemon juice, mustard) And a little bit extra (stir fried vegetables, […]

August 03

5 Steps to Effective Label Reading

What say we all became pros at understanding food labels and picking the products that best fit our requirements? Here is my contribution to empowering the consumer! Before going anywhere near a supermarket though, you need to first understand what your requirements are from the products you wish to buy. While I’ve set out the tips […]

July 31

Sprouted Moong Pancakes (a.k.a. Pesarattu)

An easy, protein breakfast option made with ridiculously few ingredients. All that this moong (mung bean) pancake needs is a bit of forethought – and you can benefit from the nutrients of sprouts, the speedy preparation, and the yum taste, of course! Pesarattu, or moong dal dosa, is a traditional south Indian breakfast dish, often […]

July 24

Coconut Ginger Cookies with Levulose

This is the first time I’ve used levulose so I thought I’d start simple with these Coconut Cookies flavoured with ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. Levulose is a natural, low GI (19) form of fructose. It is sold in India under the label Diabetics Dezire. It does not have any unpleasant aftertaste. However, since levulose is in fact […]

July 20

10 Tips to Control your “Sugar” Intake

In a previous post, we looked at various types of sweeteners. In this post, I’d like to share what I think is a sustainable strategy for controlling your sugar and sweetener intake. While this strategy is primarily targeted at diabetics, it could serve as a basic guide for anyone interested in taking control of their […]

July 17

Wholewheat Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce

This fresh tomato sauce has both depth of flavour and sweetness, minus sugar or sweetener. It is easy to make and mix in with your choice of whole wheat pasta and vegetables! I love pasta, especially spaghetti with tangy tomato sauce. Eating tomato-y spaghetti at Spaghetti Kitchen in Hong Kong is one of my favourite […]

July 10

Carrot Cake

This all-in-one-bowl cake is delicious, diabetic friendly, and definitely do-able! Diabetics need their desserts just like everyone else and this one is perfect for sharing with non-diabetics too! This recipe makes use of naturally sweet substances like carrot and coconut, is flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla, has a cream cheese frosting, and is pleasantly filling […]

July 06

Know Your Sweeteners Better

Whether you are diabetic or not, knowing your sugars, sweeteners, and substitutes will help you decide what products to buy, what ingredients to use, and what to avoid in order to have better control over your blood sugar levels and of course, your overall health. I’ve put together a quick reference chart below showing you […]

July 03

Coriander Chutney

Everyone loves a good green chutney – it’s got spice, flavour, and colour all in one condiment! Inspired by the Cilantro Chilly Sauce Frittata that I had at Egg Factory, I came up with this coriander chutney that goes especially well with egg in any form. The batch of chutney pictured below accompanied Jowar-Atta Rotis […]

May 17

Ragi Atta Rotis

One of the simplest ways of feeling full with less is to add fibre to your meal. And if you add variety to the whole grains you eat everyday then you ensure a better nutrition as each grain has its own combination of minerals and other nutrients. In this recipe I’ve combined Ragi (finger millet) […]

May 11

Peas Soya Pulav and Roast Beetroot Treat

This Pulav with Treat is my go-to-recipe when I want a quick, minimum effort, balanced meal with a touch of posh! The two components to this meal are Peas Soya Pulav and Roast Beetroot Slices. The Pulav can be had on its own or with vegan curd or oil-free pickle. You can also have the […]