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July 23

Food Thoughts

. I have been doing research about food and health for the past two and half years and I have been cooking and ‘experimenting’ on my husband and myself. In the past few months though, I renewed my efforts into research, in the light of my own (rather minor) health problems. I hate popping pills […]

July 10

Time to say Farewell

. After much thought, I have decided to say farewell to this blog and go on a long break from blogging in general.The main reason behind my decision is that I am unable to keep up my non-blog work and plans while continuing to post regularly. I have finally admitted to myself that I can’t […]

Coming soon! May Menu

It’s going to go quiet again for a couple of weeks. Once I’m back from my ‘out of country’ experience I intend to post more regularly. And for being such patient readers… Here’s a sneak peak into what’s coming your way in May! .