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May 28

Dosakaya Pappu (Yellow Cucumber Dal)

Some dishes like this Yellow Cucumber Dal are both comforting and flavourful. Dosakaya (in Telugu) or Sauthekai (in Kannada) is an interesting vegetable. Its outer skin is almost a work of modern art – or so I think! The inside of this vegetable is crunchy and opaque, when raw, but becomes soft and translucent when cooked, […]

April 18

Veggie Chutney

Quick, easy, and versatile, it’s Udupi style vegetable and coconut chutney! A great side with rice or roti, idli or dosa, use your favourite vegetable in this recipe. I’ve made this chutney with ridge gourd (which by the way is the same vegetable that when dried makes a sponge like thing called luffa or loofah.. […]

March 19

The evolution of Lauki Lentil “Soup”

Do you have a recipe in your arsenal that has slowly evolved every time you’ve made it and become something quite different from the dish that you started out with? This bottle gourd (lauki) and mung bean (lentil) recipe holds the record for the most evolved recipe in my repertoire. The recipe that I have […]

March 07

Beans Palya feat. Carrot

Another easy, tasty side dish, made in the same way as Cabbage Palya, this is beans and carrot palya. There are two secrets to a winning palya made out of beans. First, use good quality haricot beans (also called French beans) instead of the normal lighter green, more woody generic beans. Second, chop the beans […]

February 12

Crunchy Punchy Cabbage Palya

A common Kannadiga side dish, Cabbage Palya is a quick, and easy recipe. In this version, I’ve upped the crunch factor because, let’s face it, crunchy cabbage is way cooler than cooked cabbage! I’ve also slightly increased the oomph quotient by adding a little more mustard seeds and a little less coconut to the ground […]

February 04

Broccoli & Carrot Subzi

Eat by colour and keep it simple: that’s all you need to know to make this easy side dish. This Broccoli & Carrot Subzi focus on the tastes of the two vegetables themselves with only a little help from the spices. I’ve decided to start with the basics this year and understand how flavours build from […]

December 20

Gado Gado

Healthy, delicious, crunchy salad. Sticky, tangy, spicy sauce. Easy recipe! Gado Gado is an Indonesian salad made with steamed and raw veggies, topped with a creamy peanut sauce. . . I made this Gado Gado salad for the Keli Paan Cooking Contest, which is hosted on Facebook by Anitha from Keli Paan. It is a Cook-Click-Win contest where […]

November 27

Mom’s Peppery Stew

Yes, another one of Mom’s! I can’t help it, they’re good and worth sharing! This simple, aromatic, warming, creamy stew is quick, nutritious, and filling. It’s great with brown rice, but can also be had with some wholegrain bread, dosas or appam, or even on it’s own when you’re feeling like having a light meal. Combine […]

October 24

Mom’s Okra Palya

This Okra Palya is so easy, quick, and tasty, that you’ll want to buy okra every time you see it to whip up this dish! If you like roasted okra you’ll love this dish. But, even if you haven’t developed a taste for okra so far, this recipe may just change your mind! So, give […]

September 05

Mom’s Tofu Paalak

When tofu came along with it’s low-fat, high-protein goodness, Mom replaced the Paneer in her Paalak Paneer recipe with extra firm tofu and the revamped dish continued as a family favourite. The way Mom patiently and uniformly browns the tofu makes her dish to die for! It’s time to share with you Mom’s Tofu Paalak […]

August 15

Horse gram Salad

What do you need to make a salad that’s filling, tasty, healthy, and non-boring? Here’s what I came up with: Something Protein (grams, beans, tofu, quinoa, sprouts) Something Crunchy (cucumbers, bell peppers, raddish, onions) Something Sweet (cherry tomatoes, carrots, peas, corn) Something “Dress”y (vinaigrette, lemon juice, mustard) And a little bit extra (stir fried vegetables, […]