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May 21

Tofu Sesame Stir Fry + Exciting Stuff!

If you have crunchy vegetables and tofu at hand, you can whip up this stir fry and team it up with wholewheat (or other wholegrain) noodles for a speedy, steaming, satisfying evening meal. You’ll have vegetables, protein, and carbs, all covered in this one-pot meal and the roasted sesame seeds garnish will provide lovely texture […]

March 19

The evolution of Lauki Lentil “Soup”

Do you have a recipe in your arsenal that has slowly evolved every time you’ve made it and become something quite different from the dish that you started out with? This bottle gourd (lauki) and mung bean (lentil) recipe holds the record for the most evolved recipe in my repertoire. The recipe that I have […]

November 27

Mom’s Peppery Stew

Yes, another one of Mom’s! I can’t help it, they’re good and worth sharing! This simple, aromatic, warming, creamy stew is quick, nutritious, and filling. It’s great with brown rice, but can also be had with some wholegrain bread, dosas or appam, or even on it’s own when you’re feeling like having a light meal. Combine […]

November 25

Mom’s Bisi Bele Bhath

Bisi Bele Bhath, which is literally Hot Dal Rice in Kannada, is a complete meal with dal (protein), rice (carbs), vegetables (nutrients), and a fragrant, layered, spice mix that brings it all together for a tasty, filling, nutritious meal. I have to admit, till very recently I used the store-bought spice mix for this dish […]

October 07

Veggie Burger Formula !

When you just must have that burger, make a high-protein, vegetarian, burger patty and enjoy it sandwiched in a wholegrain bun! Usually, vegetarian burgers (at least in India) are a diabetic’s nightmare. They tend to be potato based patties served in refined flour buns. Too much simple carbs! So what’s the healthier, tastier alternative? Veggie […]

September 27

Try it ! Sammy’s Thai-Style Spring Rolls with Coriander Pesto

I loved the idea of these fresh rolls and coriander-peanut pesto sounded scrumptious! So I tried it. And, the result? Fresh and yummy! Thanks for your recipe, Sammy! Try it #3: Thai-Style Spring Rolls with Coriander Pesto  by Sammy from An Ode to Mung Beans View the recipe here: My notes for this recipe: I roasted the […]

September 27

Dalia Upma

Quick and easy to make, filling and nutritious to eat, it’s…. Dalia Upma!  “Dalia” refers to broken or cracked grain, and wheat dalia is the most readily available type. “Upma” is a south Indian staple breakfast dish that is often made with semolina (finely ground grain, again usually wheat). Wheat dalia is easy to cook […]

August 23

Comfort Food: Pongal

No vegetables in your fridge? Not much time on your hands? No sunshine outside? Just plain ol’ hungry? Make this easy, satisfying, healthy Pongal. Thank you Poppy, over at Poppy’s Patisserie, for your Creamy Potato Alfredo Pasta recipe which made me think of healthy, tasty, comfort food ideas. South Indians and rice are often inseparable, as are south Indians […]

August 23

Try it ! Sonal’s Lentil Pops or Adai Wadas

The first time I tried Sonal’s lentil pops they came out so well that I made them again when we had guests over! This recipe does take a bit of forethought (even more than my Sprouted Moong Pancakes) but it doesn’t take much work at all. These lentil pops are super healthy, tasty, and filling! […]

July 31

Sprouted Moong Pancakes (a.k.a. Pesarattu)

An easy, protein breakfast option made with ridiculously few ingredients. All that this moong (mung bean) pancake needs is a bit of forethought – and you can benefit from the nutrients of sprouts, the speedy preparation, and the yum taste, of course! Pesarattu, or moong dal dosa, is a traditional south Indian breakfast dish, often […]

July 23

Try it ! Celeste’s Greeny Mac’n Beany

In an effort to learn by doing and help test out recipes by fellow bloggers, I’m starting a series called “Try it !”. Whenever I find a healthy, diabetic-friendly recipe for which I can procure the ingredients, I’ll try it out and share the results with you! Of course, I’ll link back to the original […]

July 17

Wholewheat Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce

This fresh tomato sauce has both depth of flavour and sweetness, minus sugar or sweetener. It is easy to make and mix in with your choice of whole wheat pasta and vegetables! I love pasta, especially spaghetti with tangy tomato sauce. Eating tomato-y spaghetti at Spaghetti Kitchen in Hong Kong is one of my favourite […]

May 11

Peas Soya Pulav and Roast Beetroot Treat

This Pulav with Treat is my go-to-recipe when I want a quick, minimum effort, balanced meal with a touch of posh! The two components to this meal are Peas Soya Pulav and Roast Beetroot Slices. The Pulav can be had on its own or with vegan curd or oil-free pickle. You can also have the […]

May 06

Mint Rice (a.k.a. Pudina Rice)

Hello! Welcome to the first post on Sugarfree Sweetheart! To read more about the blog click here. Let’s begin with a simple one-pot wonder, Pudina Rice. This version has some healthy and tasty twists to the usual recipe. I’ve added flax seeds for omega 3 (good fat), almonds for protein and crunch, and coconut for […]