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February 25

To Continue or Not to Continue: An Honest Post

Often, I’m caught between blogging only when I think it may be useful to others and blogging to share my thoughts and vent, just for my own selfish reasons. The reason you have not seen any exclusively ‘personal’ posts from me so far is that the usefulness requirement wins every time. The usefulness could be […]

August 16

Health: Stupidly Simple and Darn Difficult

It’s easy to forget that health really has nothing to do with diets, gyms, or medication. It’s not about controlling your cholesterol, dealing with diabetes, fighting your flab, or lengthening your lifespan. Being healthy means taking responsibility for yourself. It’s about taking time everyday to care for your mind, body, and spirit — by enjoying […]

July 25

Illustrated ‘Piece of Me’

I present the complete and illustrated recipe for: A Piece of Me. Why anyone would want to get a piece of me for themselves, is a “moo” point as Joey would say! Regardless, you should note that while this recipe is for a whole cake, you should ideally restrict yourself to one piece, whether you are diabetic or […]

May 23

Inspiring food, photography, and illustration blogs!

When I browse through Tumblr or hop from food blog to food blog I am thoroughly amazed at the mouthwatering food that people are creating all round the world! Of course, many times I have to stop because of what happens…. 🙂 But we persevere, right? Every few weeks, I am going to pick some […]