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December 19

Passing on Awards

In this round of passing on the love, I give you 32 nominees. That’s right! 32! So if you’re looking for new foodie blogs to check out, I’m pretty sure you’ll find some worthy candidates right here! . Dragon’s Loyalty Award . Thank you Abby, from Welcome to Abby’s Kitchen for nominating me for this […]

December 08

Thank you Pavithra + Plans for 2014

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Pavithra, (from Eat, Live, Burp) when she came to Bangalore as part of her holiday travels in India. Pavithra┬áis the first blogger I have met in-person, and frankly the 90-odd minutes we spent chatting away at the Food Court in Mantri Mall seemed too short!┬áI’ve been following […]

October 17

More Gratitude

Another set of name banners are here! It’s time to appreciate fellow bloggers and share the love with Award Nominations! WordPress Family Award Thank you Sophia from Silk and Spice and Moreissuesthantimemagazine for nominating me for this award. Having friends who are like family makes blogging an enjoyable experience and encourages me to keep going, […]

August 09

Thank You !

Dear readers, likers, followers, commenters, real-life supporters… here’s to you! Thank you for encouraging me to keep this blog going. We all need a bit of a boost to keep motivated in what we do, even when we find our work mostly enjoyable and meaningful. Reading your responses to my posts makes me feel that […]