Welcome to Sugarfree Sweetheart: the home of illustrated, diabetic-friendly food! 


Easy cooking: All recipes are simple and most can be made with just the basic kitchen equipment.

Photograph of the finished dish: A good food photograph is an invitation to cook! What you see is what you get, right?

Illustrated process: Illustrations make the recipes easier to understand and remember, especially if you are new to cooking. And, they’re fun!

Suitability: All recipes are suitable for diabetics. Some are also suitable for those watching their weight, or their cholesterol or salt intake. I include suitability information with each recipe. 

Tips: With each recipe I share notes of any mistakes I made, shortcuts I found, or substitutions that could be made. 



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AuthorPicI’m Priya Kedlaya and I love food.

Guilt-free, yet delicious food is my favourite.

I also enjoy cooking (well, most of the time!). I’m forever on the look out for easy, healthy, diabetic-friendly recipes that taste awesome.

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