Dosakaya Pappu (Yellow Cucumber Dal)

Some dishes like this Yellow Cucumber Dal are both comforting and flavourful.

SoutheKaiDosakaya (in Telugu) or Sauthekai (in Kannada) is an interesting vegetable. Its outer skin is almost a work of modern art – or so I think!

The inside of this vegetable is crunchy and opaque, when raw, but becomes soft and translucent when cooked, with a soothing, mild flavour.

The flesh of the yellow cucumber is mostly water but also contains vitamin C. The skin has a lot of fibre and minerals such as silica and magnesium.


This recipe is made in the traditional Telugu culinary style and it can be eaten with either rice or rotis. You could also add a little extra water while cooking to get a soupy consistency and then, well, slurp it as soup!




When choosing your dosakaya, make sure you get one which is more yellow-orange than yellow-green because the more orange the vegetable the less likely that it is bitter. Ensure that you taste test a piece for bitterness in any case right before you cook it — you don’t want to put in all the effort and end up with a bitter dish, right?!

Before we get to the recipe, here’s a simple info-graphic on how to prepare this work-of-art vegetable.




This recipe is suitable for diabetics, weight watchers, and comfort food cravers.




My TIPS for this recipe:

  • For a milder version, leave out the ginger garlic paste and chillies.
  • While cooking the dal and the yellow cucumber together, add just enough water for the dal itself. There’s no need to add any extra cooking water for the cucumber.
  • Some people prefer to peel the cucumber before cooking, so feel free to try it like that. We like ours peel and all!
  • I completely forgot to add curry leaves to my version. Please add it in (while roasting the mustard and cumin) if you have them on hand!

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