Tofu Sesame Stir Fry + Exciting Stuff!

If you have crunchy vegetables and tofu at hand, you can whip up this stir fry and team it up with wholewheat (or other wholegrain) noodles for a speedy, steaming, satisfying evening meal.

You’ll have vegetables, protein, and carbs, all covered in this one-pot meal and the roasted sesame seeds garnish will provide lovely texture and calcium to your meal!

All you have to do is a bit of chopping, a bit of mindful stirring, and a bit of messing about with whatever oriental sauces you have in stock. Just make sure you balance these three flavours: salty, spicy, and sour!





I’ve used wholewheat noodles of the Blue Dragon brand. They come neatly portioned into single-serving nests and frankly they are the only wholewheat noodles I’ve found in Bangalore. I love that they take only 5 minutes of simmering in boiling water to be ready to drain and toss in to your recipe!



This recipe is suitable for diabetics, weight watchers, and tofu aficionados.



I’m sure you’ll agree, no tips are needed for this recipe – it’s too easy!

And now for some exciting stuff!

Featured on Reader’s Digest

A few weeks ago, I was contacted on behalf of RD to contribute to their Sugar Savvy Snack Challenge. They sent me the book Sugar Savvy, written by High Voltage to equip me with the background information I would need for the challenge. You can check out more about this useful, fun book and the energetic author here.

I contributed to the Snack Challenge with these Bean Power Cookies. They are gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. The texture of these cookies is much softer than a regular cookie but they’re much more filling!



Do please hop along on to the site to check out my recipe as well as other recipes that were featured!

Thank you RD and the Sugar Savvy team for this opportunity! 🙂

And finally…

Pictures from my holiday!

Obviously I’m back from my little holiday ‘out of the country’ and here are some of my favourite photographs from the trip.










The first three pictures above are from one part of the country we visited and the second three are from another. Can you guess which country it is? 🙂