Veggie Chutney

Quick, easy, and versatile, it’s Udupi style vegetable and coconut chutney! A great side with rice or roti, idli or dosa, use your favourite vegetable in this recipe.

I’ve made this chutney with ridge gourd (which by the way is the same vegetable that when dried makes a sponge like thing called luffa or loofah.. yup, the original, natural bath accessory!)


VeggieChutney .

This recipe is dedicated to my dear friend, Triveni, who was my roommate in college and is now working/studying in the US of A. She wanted me to share an Udupi style recipe, and I chose this one for it’s ease, yumminess, and udupi-ness.

Long ago she gave me these tiny little cup things with interlocked arms to remind me that she would always be with me. They always make me smile and think of college days. Triveni, I hope you like the recipe! πŸ™‚

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This recipe is suitable for diabetics, weight watchers, and chutney chompers!

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My NOTESΒ for this recipe:

  • I’ve also made this chutney recipe using snake gourd, carrot, cabbage, and zucchini. If you think of any other veggies that I can try, do share in the comments below!
  • Adapt this to your taste by varying the amount of coconut (texture and creaminess), chillies (heat), and tamarind (sourness).
  • Coconut flakes and shredded unsweetened coconut can also be used instead of fresh coconut. You’ll just get a slightly different texture in your chutney.


Project Cookbook




I have been suffering from a productivity slump a.k.a laziness and so haven’t posted anything in the past weeks. Guilty!Β But the good news is, there has been bits and bobs of work going on behind the scenes in terms of research and planning for my cookbook.

So far, I have my table of contents figured out and the introduction and chapter 1 written out in draft form. I’ve chosen a bunch of possible recipes for the book, including those already on the blog that I want to include.

I think I’m still on track for completing draft 1 of the entire book by the end of the year. You see what I’m doing? I’m putting it out here so that I can’t ignore it! It’s me trying to get the better of me. Sometimes, it even works!