December 08


Thank you Pavithra + Plans for 2014

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Pavithra, (from Eat, Live, Burp) when she came to Bangalore as part of her holiday travels in India.

Pavithra is the first blogger I have met in-person, and frankly the 90-odd minutes we spent chatting away at the Food Court in Mantri Mall seemed too short! I’ve been following her blog for a while now, and I really love her simple, effective style and innovative combinations. Do check it out.

Pavithra totally made day by being so easy to get along with and by bringing me a little goodie bag of food-related gifts from Seattle! In the bag was a packet of Cinnamon-Ginger-Molasses granola, a bottle of peppermint extract, sachets for great coffee from Starbucks, a Starbucks reusable to-go coffee mug, and a set of Christmas themed mini-muffin liners! And that folks, is what you see below.


So what’s in the mini muffin liners? Apple-cinnamon gluten-free, egg-free mini muffins!

And, why no recipe? While these muffins looked adorable, and made the house smell amazing, the taste was just short of must-share-fantastic.

I made these with almond flour, oats, brown rice flour, millet flour, flax seed and apple, with cinnamon and vanilla for flavour. I used milk and olive oil to moisten and Levulose (a low GI sweetener) to sweeten. The muffins were very slightly bitter (maybe the flax or Levulose) and they didn’t puff up much either.

I’ll give apple cinnamon muffins another go someday – maybe without the millet which may have been too heavy for the flax seed to leaven properly. Until then, let’s talk about 2014.


Plans for 2014

After the hectic heap of Diabetic Awareness posts in November, I’ve decided to take it slow in December to figure out what I want to do with Sugarfree Sweetheart in 2014.

Some ideas:

  • Building an illustration library of my most common used illustrations so that once I’m done it will be much faster for me to put together an illustration and post a recipe.
  • Collecting enough recipes for an illustrated cookbook, maybe for novices, and of course, all diabetic-friendly.
  • Working on charts, brochures, and pamphlets on Diabetes Awareness and the Diabetic Diet that I can distribute at hospitals or even schools.


I want your inputs! 

What would you like to see at Sugarfree Sweetheart in 2014?

Inspire me!