World Diabetes Day Challenge!


It’s World Diabetes Day! And here’s a challenge for you today!

The Challenge

Survive 24 hours without eating anything sweet! 

For one day, avoid the following sweet things!

  • Sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, rice syrup, coconut palm sugar etc
  • Dried fruits (dates, figs, raisins, apricots etc)
  • High sugar fruits (banana, mango, grapes etc)
  • Fruit juice, fizzy drinks, sweetened beverages, sweetened yoghurt etc


Too easy for you? Ramp it up, further, by avoiding these too!

  • Processed foods containing sweeteners (ketchup, pasta sauce, cereal etc)
  • Refined grains or refined flours
  • Sweeteners such as stevia, sucralose, aspartame, xylitol, malitol, levulose etc


Why this Challenge?

This challenge should help you get a peek into one of the aspects of a diabetic lifestyle and appreciate what it means for someone to keep their diabetes in control!

While diabetics do not have to avoid all the listed items at all times, most of these tend to spike blood sugars and therefore diabetics need to be careful with how much of these they consume.

For this challenge, become a food investigator for a day. Everything that you eat will have to pass your scrutiny first. Knowing what is in the food that you eat, is the first step to eating healthily!


Set, go! And do share your thoughts! 🙂

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