More Gratitude

Another set of name banners are here! It’s time to appreciate fellow bloggers and share the love with Award Nominations!

WordPress Family Award

wordpress-family-awardThank you Sophia from Silk and Spice and Moreissuesthantimemagazine for nominating me for this award.

Having friends who are like family makes blogging an enjoyable experience and encourages me to keep going, and keep striving to work hard on my illustrations, recipes, and posts.

Before I go on, let me tell you a bit about the nominators!

Sophia’s Silk and Spice: Sophia specialises in simply explained recipes, lovely ingredient combinations, and mouthwatering photographs. Must check out. Must make. Must follow!

Moreissuesthantimemagazine: This is a blog of a young, enthusiastic, university student who blogs about all things under the sun including cooking, art, and everyday life.

Now for the Nominees for this Award:

SharmilaSharmila: Her blog Shamsskitchen has superb, easy to follow, vegetarian recipes for South Indian delicacies of all kinds. I will be trying out her homemade sambar powder soon! πŸ™‚

PoppyPoppy: Her blog Poppy’s Pattiserie | Bunny Kitchen is a wonderland of vegan baked treats and vegan savoury delights including creamy mushroomy concoctions to die for!

LucaLuca: The Cupcake King blogs at the vegan kitchen of dr caligari. You have to check out 20 whacky and yummy looking cupcakes at his blog!

SammySammy: At An Ode to Mung Beans you’ll find tasty vegan recipes for all kinds of foods including dishes with crispy tofu, coriander peanut pesto, and of course stuff with mung beans!


Tanusree: Her blog TanusreeRoy is an exploration of a variety of vegetarian recipes including healthy versions of Indian classics as well as some of the Bengali dishes she grew up with.


Pavithra: At Eat, Live, Burp you’ll find loads of vegetarian and vegan recipes, baked treats, traditional Indian recipes, and Pavithra’s own interesting and inviting concoctions!

AimeeAimee: Her blog Why I Left My Job is a well written, insightful, and easy to connect with blog about finding the balance between all the different aspects of her life including being a mother, working on things she is passionate about, and, of course, blogging.


Archie: Her blog Soulsez is an eclectic collection of stories, opinion pieces, and cheeky articles all of which are both well written and entertaining!

And yes, I made all the banners from scratch using hand drawn leaves that I scanned in and edited! πŸ™‚

To seeΒ the first instalment of my WordPress Family (Sonal, Sophia, Celeste, Namrata, Violet, Charanya, Riddhi, Priya, Sofia, and Sophie) see my previous Award postΒ here.

Thank you all for your support at Sugarfree Sweetheart and the interactions on each of your blogs as well. Here’s to more “family” fun in the months to come!


And now, it’s time for the…

Versatile Blogger Award

versatile-blogger-award theversatileblogger

Thanks you Jamie of Girl Eats Greens and Maria of LaCaccavella for nominating me for this award. Each of you had a different badge, so I included them both here, for my nominees to pick from!

So, first, a bit about the nominators.

Jamie’s Girl Eats Greens: Jamie blogs about about her adventures with experimenting with vegan food in her teeny tiny kitchen with her teeny tiny pup in the background! A lovely read!

Maria’s LaCaccavella: Maria is an Italian architect interested in food, photography, bread baking, and blogging about traditional recipes as well as other things like cosmetics, herbs, preserves, and magic potions!

To accept their nomination, I have to:

    • Visit and thank the nominator.
    • Acknowledge the nominator on my blog and link back.
    • Copy and paste the award somewhere on my blog.
    • Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, provide a link to their blogs, and notify them.
    • Share 7 random, interesting things about myself.


For this award I’ve chosen bloggers from whom I’ve learnt stuff, or who inspire me, though they may not know me that well, yet! Do visit these bloggers, if you haven’t already!

Food Blog Nominees


Other Blog Nominees


Congratulations to everyone and happy blogging! πŸ™‚

And, if you’re still reading here are 7 random things about me:

  1. I’ve lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, Hamburg, and London. I now live in Bangalore, India.
  2. One day, I shall write a book! And then probably write more books!
  3. Floopy is our Great Dane. She loves lazing around in her beanbag.
  4. I think the colour green rocks. So does happy orange.
  5. Once upon a time, I made and sold scrabble-tile jewellery.
  6. I’ve always been partial to vegetables. In salads. Steamed. Roasted. Yum!
  7. I love peanut butter. And Chocolate. With frozen, blitzed banana. Sigh.