Try it ! Sonal’s Lentil Pops or Adai Wadas

The first time I tried Sonal’s lentil pops they came out so well that I made them again when we had guests over! This recipe does take a bit of forethought (even more than my Sprouted Moong Pancakes) but it doesn’t take much work at all. These lentil pops are super healthy, tasty, and filling!

Try it #2: Lentil Pops or Adai Wadas from Simplyvegetarian777



View recipe here:

My notes for this recipe:

  • I used a “Paniyaram Plate” (Sonal uses a baby cakemaker) to make these
  • I used cumin powder instead of coriander powder, just for fun!
  • I added some toor dal (split pigeon peas) the second time round (not the ones in the picture!) and I think they made the pops more dense and filling. So stick to the original for “light” lentil pops.
  • I added a pinch of turmeric in the batter
  • We ate these hot for optimum fluffiness!


Thanks again, Sonal!


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