Health: Stupidly Simple and Darn Difficult

It’s easy to forget that health really has nothing to do with diets, gyms, or medication. It’s not about controlling your cholesterol, dealing with diabetes, fighting your flab, or lengthening your lifespan.

Being healthy means taking responsibility for yourself. It’s about taking time everyday to care for your mind, body, and spirit β€” by enjoying what you have and paying attention to what you need.

From my own pits, peaks, and plateaus, I’ve figured out what I need:






Stupidly simple?

Yes,Β but often it’s the simple stuff that’s darn difficult to do. That’s because it means that you have to take the reins. You cannot wait for someone else to figure out what is right for you. You cannot make work, or other people, or anything else an excuse for neglecting your own well-being.

Yup, it’s a bit boring. But think of it this way: if you are a well-oiled machine you will be ready for a race, an adventure, a long drive, or whatever else life throws at you. You’ve got to admit, it’s great to be prepared to enjoy every experience.

So, step up and take care of thyself!


P.S. While I wrote this post inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write, it’s also a worthy contender for any Alliteration Award! Ha!