Thank You !

Dear readers, likers, followers, commenters, real-life supporters… here’s to you! Thank you for encouraging me to keep this blog going.

We all need a bit of a boost to keep motivated in what we do, even when we find our work mostly enjoyable and meaningful. Reading your responses to my posts makes me feel that I should continue blogging and do my best to bring you recipes that are healthy, tasty, easy and illustrated! Thinking up of recipes, making them, photographing them, writing down quantities, drawing the steps, inking them, colouring in photoshop, researching for informative posts, making up a fun comic.. it takes time and effort. And yet it’s all worth it when someone appreciates it. So thank you!


Special gratitude goes out to my dear fellow blogger Sonal of simplyvegetarian777 who nominated me for two awards last month: the Shine On Award and the WordPress Family Award. I was surprised, honoured, and frankly quite delighted!











Most of the people who I would like to, in turn, nominate for these awards are themselves much more experienced than me and often are already the recipients of these awards. For the last two weeks I’ve been pondering how to make my nomination meaningful to them.

So, I’ve decided to tell you a bit about each nominee and have made a little banner for each of them which clicks through to their respective websites. Nominees, please feel free to download your banner (right click, Save image as) and use it in any way you like! πŸ™‚

Sonal:Β The sweetest, most encouraging person I have met online. She is a prolific blogger with a range of awesome, tasty recipes for every occasion!


Charanya:Β The first person who “discovered” my blog and commented on my illustrations. She’s the queen of layered food, especially yum, vegan desserts!


Namrata:Β Her posts are filled with great photographs, varied recipes, and endearing descriptions of herself and her adorable family.


Violet:Β A bright and lovely person, who’s on a journey of discovering and sharing balanced, healthy food, positive thoughts, and experiences through her cute violet blog!


Celeste:Β She shares vegan recipes, vegan restaurant reviews, thoughts on a vegan lifestyle. She’s generous with her comments and a friendly co-blogger to many!


Sophie: A super fun, prolific blogger and equally prolific commenter! She’s always making up new salads, desserts, chickpea inventions and vegan friendly food!


Riddhi: Also a prolific blogger, despite being relatively new, and she’s already got lots of interesting recipes including many ice-creams and drinks-made-into-cookies!


Priya: My namesake, is a lovely, kind blogger who posts bright photos and simple instructions to re-create her mouthwatering recipes!


Sophia:Β Her neat blog has gorgeous photos of her tempting vegan food and links to useful posts for any food blogger. Sophia, meet Violet (see above) who’s also a practitioner of yoga!


Sofia: AΒ jam aficionado who posts recipes, reviews, and random thoughts – all of which I find extremely interesting and entertaining to read!


There are a lot of other bloggers I admire and hope to get to know better in the coming weeks. Maybe then we can have Round 2 of this post with more banners and nominations!

Thanks again, dear readers!