May 23


Inspiring food, photography, and illustration blogs!

When I browse through Tumblr or hop from food blog to food blog I am thoroughly amazed at the mouthwatering food that people are creating all round the world!

Of course, many times I have to stop because of what happens….



But we persevere, right?

Every few weeks, I am going to pick some of my favourite food blogs and tell you what I like about them. Click through and maybe you too will find the inspiration to get cookin’!

Food and Photography Inspiration

Bright clean photography, happy lime background colour, recipes, guides, tips – this website is like an encyclopaedia of vegetarian and vegan cooking.

Stunning pictures of whole-food rich, vegetable packed, and yummy-looking food. And apparently her dog Cookie gets the crumbs! Aww!

My favourite photos, especially when she shows them as a collection for each month. I love looking at the clean bird’s eye shots of the food and the variety in the ingredients, their colour and texture.

Illustration Inspiration

For those of you who like food illustrations, here are some clicks to take you through to culinary-art land!

Absolutely adore the cute illustrations of the ingredients for each recipe. And I like the little cartoon at the end of each.

Here are works of art with great typography, neat tips, and of course lovely illustrations of food of all sorts.

This website showcases recipes that have been illustrated by artists from around the world. Great place to see all the various kinds of ways a recipe can be drawn out!

That’s the round up from me today.

See you next week with another recipe!